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looking for a custom trip in Uganda we've got it.


Elsa Africa Safaris offers custom made safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. Our experts are waiting to assist you in customising a unique guided safari of your choice or we can offer you recommended Uganda safaris & Rwanda tour packages that commensurate to your safari interests. Experience a wonderful array of breathtaking scenery, engage in exciting adventure activities and see the most prolific wildlife in natural safari parks in Uganda and East Africa wholesomely with Jewel Safaris, a safari company with a full range of innovation, experienced staff, practical travel services and flexibility to incorporate your interests any time you wish. Our safari packages are cater for all interests that include private groups, families or individual travellers..

Whether you enjoy wild adventure expeditions and challenge, or quiet relaxation and serenity, you will agree that nothing compares to a vacation safari in Uganda. From the rare mountain gorillas to gorgeous sceneries, rafting on the Nile, extreme sports, bird watching, gorilla treks, mountain trekking hikes and treks, wild game viewing in rolling grasslands teeming with wildlife, and truly unique cultural experiences, Uganda has much to offer and all these adventure are within your reach. below are some of the top safari offers; .

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